Untitled, 2012, paint on wood, cm.50×190(side)


Untitled, 2012, burned wood, cm.190×80(side)


From A to ∞, 2012, spray paint on wood, cm.184x400x22


Drawing Of A Small Piece Of Wood, 2009, inkjet printed paper, cm.23x25x18


The Rain Painting, 2008, woolen carpet, cm.220×300


Lonsdaleite, 2010, light filter collage, glasses, halogen lamp, cm.86×100


Defragmented Portrait 3, 2006, acrylic on aluminum, cm.80x60x80


Defragmented Portrait 2, 2006, acrylic on aluminum, cm.80x65x80, courtesy Rossi


Double Nickels, 2005, inkjet print, aluminium, binder clips, cm.75x85x90